This is a serious wine that I'm really proud of.

Rose is very challenging, and counter-intuitive to make well. Without wanting to sound pretentious, I'm not trying to make a "fruit bomb" where all you can see is a bunch of fruit and then when you look for greater depth, it's just not there.

This is about 4 days skin contact, without the slightest care for what colour it ended up, more concerned with gentle but relatively complete flavour and phenolic extraction, followed by a wild yeast barrel ferment and about 9 months in entirely old barriques.

This wine is the thought child of getting drunk in bars and having epiphanies on phenolic extractions rates, and wanting to trial that, this was then further spurred on by 2020 as a year leading me to not giving a fuck if anyone buys it. This wine is my ode to artform, in spite of commercial relevance. It's a beast, it's dirty, it's complex and it'll reshape the way you think about rose and wine general - I promise that, but I don't promise it'll be fruity and fun, if that's what you're after that's absolutely fine, but this isn't that wine.


This one's for the geeks, and those on a journey.

2020 Sangiovese Rosato