Who Am I?

My name is Aaron Crothers.

I spent about a decade working as sommelier, and have been making wine since 2013.

I just got tired of seeing wines from amazing vineyards that were made with sensible compromises. Brilliance tempered by reason to the point where it's just another wine.


There is an ethereal brilliance in this fruit, and all I do is nurture it and let it develop.

I have over the years come  to many crazy ideas over bio-dynamic and organic wine.

I think both are of critical importance if you don't want to lose the intricacies your site is capable of, and honestly I feel they're both just better for the soul, but I'm not about  to seek certification or follow either as gospel.

I've come to care a great deal about experimentation in the winery.

Testing of ideas and boundaries.

This contrasts with my feeling that the winemaker should leave as little fingerprint as possible on the wine.

It's a balancing act that takes up more space in mind than you'd think.

I'm more than a little crazy, and a great deal of my heart, soul and mind go into my wines, which largely just serve as a hopefully pleasant drink at the end of your day, but a lot of life is the things we subconsciously perceive. A great wine makes you feel good, and leads to better things. Or so I believe.